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If you don’t know anything about web development or you are already in the way of becoming a web developer the first thing you must know is Html.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

from the previous article we understood that web pages were created to transfer data in the form of document through internet and Html is the standard type of these documents know let’s see how a HTML document looks like.


This is an example of a HTML document now let’s see what parts this document consist of.

The first line is the symbol of a html document and means that this document is a html document. Every html document consists of three main tags which are html tag, head tag and body tag.The html tag is in the second line and it has one attribute that determines the language of document.

Every tag in html document has two state:Open and Close

When we want to close a tag we put a “/” before the second tag like <html></html>

Every open tag can contain other tags. These tags are the children of the first tag.

After the HTML tag we have the head tag that contains two meta tags.

The first meta tag set’s the character type of document to utf-8

which is a standard type.

The second meta tag is view port meta tag and it set’s the scale of the document to 100% in every screen size.

There are lot’s of meta tag’s and every one does a job like SEO meta tags an etc but it’s not necessary to have these meta tags in the head of document.

The next tag is title tag and it set’s the title of the page which is displayed on the top of browser like medium website next to the medium icon in the browser tab.

After the title tag the head tag has closed and the body tag has opened.

Unti now every tag explained above doesn’t show anything in the browser and the body tag is the tag that every tag that goes inside it will be shown in the browser.

Note: The tags that can place inside body tag are different from the ones which can place inside head tag.

After body tag we have h1 tag and h1 stands for heading and it’s been usually using for the title of of an article like every post on medium.

There are a lot of tags that can be used inside the body tag like div tag p tag and etc and in the next articles I will explain them too but for now let see what does this document look like in the browser:

html document in the browser

Here we go!

Now you wrote your first html document and you take a step further in the web development world . Keep it up and I will see you in the next article.

A web developer and art lover